Plantur-Pura: Photos from the 2022 season

Team Plantur-Pura is a women’s cycling team from Belgium founded in 2020 that competes in elite road cycling races such as the UCI Women’s World Tour, among others.

In the 2022 season, the following women cyclists raced for Team Plantur-Pura: ALVARADO Ceylin del Carmen, BAKKER Manon, CANT Sanne, COTTER Imogen, COUZENS Millie, CRABBÉ Kiona, DE BAAT Kim, DE WILDE Julie, EIBL Ronja, GHEKIERE Justine, KASTELIJN Yara, KAY Anna, NORBERT RIBEROLLE Marion, PIETERSE Puck, SCHWEINBERGER Christina, SÜßEMILCH Laura, TRUYEN Marthe, VAN ALPHEN Aniek, VAN DE VELDE Julie, VAN DER HEIJDEN Inge, VERHESTRAETEN Karen, WORST Annemarie

We have many pictures from Plantur-Pura from various events in 2022. Here is a random selection of 20 pictures. In our image database you will find all the high-resolution photos of the team for direct ordering, downloading and use. To see all the images, click on the button.