UAE Team ADQ (UAD): Photos from the 2022 season

The UAE Team ADQ (UAD) is a women’s cycling team founded in 2011 that competes in elite road cycling events including the UCI Women’s World Tour. For the 2022 season, UAE Team ADQ was licensed as a UCI Women’s WorldTeam with UAE nationality. Previously, it operated under the names SC MCipollini Giambenini, MCipollini Giordana. Alé Cipollini and Alé BTC Ljubljana

In the 2022 season, the following female cyclists raced for the UAE Team ADQ team:
Marta Bastianelli, Sofia Bertizzolo, Maaike Boogaard, Eugenia Bujak, Mavi García, Alena Ivanchenko, Erica Magnaldi, Maria Novolodskaya, Alessia Patuelli, Ursa Pintar, Laura Tomasi, Anna Trevisi, Sophie Wright, Safiya Al Sayegh

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