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Wall pictures, murals, posters and photo prints explained

When it comes to decorating our living spaces, murals, posters and photo prints offer a wide range of artistic possibilities. Each of these forms of wall art has its own characteristics, purposes and presentation styles. Here we highlight the differences between murals, posters and photo prints and highlight their unique features, benefits and suitable applications.

Wall pictures / murals

Murals encompass a broad category of artwork specifically designed for wall display. They can be paintings, illustrations, drawings or mixed media artworks. Murals are often considered original artworks created by artists or craftspeople, and they add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to any space.


Posters are prints or reproductions of artwork, designs or photographs that are placed on walls or other surfaces. They are versatile, affordable and widely accessible, making them a popular choice for both decorative and promotional purposes. Posters come in a variety of designs ranging from art prints, movie posters, music posters, motivational quotes to vintage advertisements. They cover different tastes, interests and decorating styles.
Posters are available in a variety of sizes, from small formats suitable for framing to large formats for wall hanging. This flexibility allows individuals to choose the size that best suits the available wall space and desired visual impact.

Photo prints

Photo prints are reproductions of photographs printed specifically for display purposes. They allow personal memories, professional photographs or historical images to be presented in a visually captivating way. Photo prints are produced using high-resolution printing techniques that ensure accurate colour reproduction and fine detail. Archival quality papers and inks are often used to increase longevity and resistance to fading.

Photo prints aim to faithfully reproduce photographs, preserving the original composition, lighting and visual elements captured by the photographer. They allow individuals to display and share their treasured memories or significant moments. Photo prints can be displayed unframed so that the focus is solely on the image, or framed for a polished and finished look. Framing also provides protection and durability for the print.

Advantages of buying historical photos and sports photos as wall pictures, murals, posters and photo prints

In the world of interior design, murals, posters and photo prints are becoming increasingly popular for people who want to add personality and artistic flair to their living spaces. These captivating forms of wall art offer unique opportunities for self-expression and allow homeowners to create visually stunning environments that reflect their individual preferences and interests. At frontalvision, as a stock photo agency and online shop specialising in the sale of historical photos such as GDR images and sports photos as murals, posters and photo prints, we offer an incredible opportunity to bring nostalgia, cultural heritage and the spirit of achievement into our homes.

Nostalgia and historical connection:
Historic photographs, especially those from significant eras such as the GDR, have the power to evoke nostalgia and create a connection to the past. By integrating these images into our living spaces, we can transport ourselves and our guests to another time and stimulate conversations about cultural heritage and historical events. The sense of rootedness and appreciation for our shared history is invaluable.

Personal and meaningful decoration:
Wall murals, posters and photo prints offer a unique opportunity to enhance our homes with personal and meaningful decoration. By choosing historical photos or sports photos that are close to our hearts, we can create visually captivating focal points that reflect our passions and interests. These images add depth, character and a sense of individuality to our surroundings, making our home our own.

Stimulating conversation and storytelling:
Historical and sporting photos on the wall are great conversation starters for guests and visitors. These captivating images naturally attract attention and curiosity and encourage discussion and story sharing. They serve as a catalyst to reminisce, describe personal experiences and impart historical knowledge. By presenting these photos, we encourage the exchange of ideas and foster a sense of community and connection.

Educational value:
Historical photos, especially those that capture the essence of the GDR era, have great educational value. They provide a visually engaging medium through which history can be explored and understood. By incorporating these photos into our homes, we not only create a visually stunning environment, but also offer children and adults alike the opportunity to learn about different time periods, cultures and historical events.

Emotional connection and inspiration:
Sports photos have a unique ability to evoke strong emotions. They capture iconic moments of triumph, teamwork and sportsmanship and remind us of the remarkable achievements of athletes. By hanging these photos as murals, posters or prints in our homes, we create a source of inspiration and motivation. They serve as a constant reminder of the power of perseverance, dedication and the pursuit of excellence.

Aesthetic impact and visual impression:
Murals, posters and photo prints have a strong aesthetic appeal that can enhance the overall ambience of a room. They add colour, texture and visual interest, instantly transforming dull or blank walls into captivating spaces. Whether it’s a stunning landscape, an old photograph or an inspiring sports moment, these wall art options create a focal point that draws the eye and enhances the overall aesthetic of the design.

Personal expression and style:
Choosing wall art allows us to express our personal style and showcase our individuality. By choosing historical photos or sports photos that match our interests and passions, we create a living space that reflects our unique personality and values. Whether we prefer a minimalist approach or an eclectic mix of styles, murals, posters and photo prints offer endless possibilities for self-expression.

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