Tour de Berlin Feminin 2023 / 01.07-02.07.2023

Tour de Berlin Feminin Fotos

After a break of more than 30 years, the Berlin Cycling Federation (BRV) has brought the “Tour de Berlin Feminin” back to life. On Sunday 2 July 2023, an international professional cycling race for women took place in the German capital. The race was held in UCI category 1.2 and covered a distance of 100 kilometres. One day earlier, on 1 July 2023, a criterium over about 70 kilometres was held.

Caroline Kirk Schad from the Danish team ACR Women won the criterium on Saturday to kick off the “Tour de Berlin Feminin”. Schad won the 72-kilometre circuit (24 laps of 3 km each) on the Straße des 17. Juni in a sprint ahead of Nikola Bajgerova from the Polish team MAT Atom and Josephine Peloquin from the French team Grand Est La Fabrique.
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On the second day of the main race, Elena Hartmann from Team Israel Premier Tech – Roland won the Tour de Berlin Feminin. The 32-year-old Swiss won with a lead of 23 seconds. Belgian Marith Vanhove from Team Parkhotel Valkenburg came in second ahead of Italian Martina Alzini from Team Cofidis. The best German was Fabienne Jährig from Team Maxx-Solar-Rose, who came fourth.
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