Photos from Grabowsee Sanatorium

Heilstätte Grabowsee / Sanatorium Grabowsee

A Lost Place worth seeing and much photographed directly in the Berlin area is the former lung sanatorium Grabowsee, located directly (as the name suggests) at the Grabowsee in the district of Oberhavel in the German state of Brandenburg. Founded in 1896 as a sanatorium for pulmonary tuberculosis by the German Red Cross as an experimental facility, it performed its services with 420 beds in numerous buildings until the Second World War. After the discovery of antibiotics with which tuberculosis became curable faster, the plant was used less and less.

After the Second World War, the Grabowsee sanatorium was used as a Soviet military hospital until the mid-1990s. Since 1995, the 34-hectare site has been (almost) left to its own devices and has become a hotspot for photographers and filmmakers. The dilapidated buildings and facilities (administration building, Robert Koch Building, East Building, Hans Böhm Building, South Building, treatment building, reception building, connecting corridors, chapel, director’s residence, gatehouse, doctor’s residence, civil servant’s residence, chimney with elevated tank, gardener’s house, seawater pump house and garden facilities) offer almost endless possibilities to stage the fascination of this lost place.

Our professional photographer Arne Mill visited the Grabowsee sanatorium in 2020 and staged it with a photo series from which we offer 399 photos in our picture agency for direct private and editorial use. Amongst other things, many artistic classics such as the lonely piano, sofas, ghosts, graffiti, old corridors and crumbling staircases are included.

Take a look for yourself. Here is a short foretaste. Via the link below you get direct access to our photo collection “Heilstätte Grabowsee”:

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