Oderbruch in winter, spring landscape & nature photos

Oderbruch in winter, spring landscape photos, nature photos

The Oderbruch (“wetland” or in Polish “Kotlina Freienwaldzka”) is a former inland delta of the river Oder in the district of Märkisch-Oderland in the federal state of Brandenburg and in the voivodeships of West Pomerania and Lubusz in Poland. The photo series by frontalvision.com shows various shots of the Oderbruch in the change of seasons from winter to spring. Among them are nature shots such as ice surfaces on the Oder or migratory birds (cranes, geese) as well as impressive landscape shots with places like Lebus, Reitwein, Küstrin, Groß Neuendorf, Bleyen Genschmar or Bienenwerder, Kienitz and the border between Germany and Poland.

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