Paris Roubaix, often referred to as the “Queen of the Classics”, epitomises the challenge of road cycling. This one-day race, which is around 250 kilometres long and is one of the five monuments of cycling, takes cyclists from its historic starting point in Paris to the finish in Roubaix. What makes the race particularly challenging are the notorious pavé sectors – sections of the route that are covered in cobblestones and test both the technique and endurance of the participants.

Paris Roubaix pictures

The fascination for Paris Roubaix is also reflected in the extensive range of photos in our photo agency. Thousands of images from different years of the event document not only the athletes’ endeavours and triumphs, but also the unique atmosphere and dramatic weather conditions that are often associated with this race. Each image tells a story of sweat, dust or mud, of perseverance and the relentless will to triumph in extreme conditions. Our visual chronicles offer a deep insight into what makes Paris-Roubaix so legendary – an unrivalled test of man and material at the heart of European cycling.

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