20th WTC Biathlon at Schalke 28.12.2023

WTC 2023 - Biathlon auf Schalke 28.12.2023 Fotos und Bilder

We were at the 20th World Team Challenge (WTC) in the biathlon at Schalke on 28 December 2023 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen. The WTC Biathlon at Schalke is one of the most popular winter sports events in the world, attracting top biathlon athletes to the football stadium in the Ruhr region every year.

Two competitions took place at the 20th edition:
1st TEAM Talent Team Challenge 2023
with 5th TEAM AUSTRIA Anna Andexer, Lukas Haslinger / 4th TEAM FRANCE Jeanne Richard, Theo Guiraud Poillot / 2nd TEAM GERMANY 1 Magdalena Rieger, Erik Hafenmair / 3rd TEAM GERMANY 2 Carinthia. TEAM GERMANY 2 Karla Gehrmann, Adrian Franz / 1st TEAM NORWAY Einar Hedegart, Ragna Fodstad / 6th TEAM CZECH REPUBLIC Katerina Gotvaldova, Ludek Abraham
Team Austria won ahead of France and Norway

2nd World Team Challenge
The women completed four rounds, the men five, with both standing and prone shooting required. Victory was decided by a mass start race and a subsequent pursuit race, with any deficits from the mass start being halved.

Ten international mixed teams competed against each other, including top athletes from Germany, Norway, France, Austria and other nations. TEAM FRANCE Julia Simon, Fabien Claude / TEAM GERMANY 1 Janina Hettich-Walz, Roman Rees / TEAM GERMANY 2 Hanna Kebinger, Benedikt Doll / TEAM NORWAY Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Sturla Holm Laegreid / TEAM AUSTRIA Lisa Theresa Hauser, Felix Leitner / TEAM CZECH REPUBLIC Marketa Davidova, Michal Krcmar / TEAM SWITZERLAND Amy Baserga, Sebastian Stalder / TEAM SLOVENIA Polona Klemencic, Jakov Fak / TEAM UKRAINE Juliya Dzhyma, Dmytro Pidruchnyi / TEAM BELGIUM Lotte Lie, Florent Claude

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