Arkéa Pro Cycling Team: photos from the 2022 season

Arkéa Pro Cycling Team Photos Season 2022 Fotos und Bilder

The Arkéa Pro Cycling Team is a women’s cycling team founded in 2020 that participates in elite road cycling races such as the UCI Women’s World Tour, among others.

In the 2022 season, the following cyclists rode for the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team: ALLIN Pauline, BECKER Charlotte, BIRIUKOVA Yuliia, COSTON Morgane, FOUQUENET Amandine, HINAULT Maryanne, JOUNIER Lucie, LAURANCE Typhaine, LE DEUNFF Marie-Morgane, MORICHON Anais, RICHIOUD Greta, TRÉGOUËT Maurène.

We have many images from the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team from various events in 2022. Here is a random selection of 20 images. In our image database you will find all the high-resolution photos of the team to order, download and use directly. To see all the images, click on the button.

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