Omloop Het Niewsblad – Womens Race 2022 Photos

VOLLERING Demi, VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek, WIEBES Lorena: Omloop Het Nieuwsblad - Womens Race

Selected photos from the Belgian one-day classic Omloop Het Niewsblad for women in East Flanders. Since 2006, an international women’s race has also been part of the Omloop Het Niewsblad event. This year, the classic Omloop Het Nieuwsblad for women took place on 26 February 2022. The starting point was Ghent. The route was 130 kilometres to Ninove.

Like two years ago, this year’s winner was Annemiek Van Vleuten from the Netherlands after a powerful and long sprint, making her the record holder. She reached the finish line ahead of her compatriot Demi Vollering and Lorena Wiebes.

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