TuSEM Essen vs. Dessau-Rosslauer HV 06 2nd German Handball League

TUSEM Essen vs. Dessau-Rosslauer HV 2. Handball Bundesliga 23.03.2024 Fotos und Bilder

Handball: We were at the professional men’s handball match TuSEM Essen against Dessau-Rosslauer HV 06 on 23 March 2024 in the Sporthalle am Hallo, Essen. The match took place as part of the 25th matchday of the 2nd German Handball League of the 2023/2024 season. The final score was 23:28 in front of 1684 spectators.

Highlights of the handball match TuSEM Essen vs Dessau-Rosslauer HV 06 and our handball photo

In a hard-fought game in the second German Handball League, Dessau-Roßlauer HV secured a deserved 28:23 away win against TuSEM Essen with a start-to-finish victory, leaving Essen in the basement of the table. The visitors dominated the game from the outset in front of a small crowd at the “Am Hallo” sports park, supported by a solid defensive performance and the outstanding Timo Löser, who was the top scorer with eight goals. Löser put in a strong attacking performance in the first 20 minutes in particular, which enabled the Beavers to secure a 14:10 lead at half-time.

The vociferous support of 70 fans who had travelled with them helped ensure that Dessau played with concentration throughout and successfully defended its lead in the second half. Despite a brief rebellion by Essen towards the end of the game, the DRHV remained stable and extended its lead through cleverly utilised surplus numbers and goals by Jakub Hrstka and Vincent Sohmann. The game ended 28:23, with Dessau taking an important two points for the table and leaving Essen disappointed. Essen, who have struggled since the winter break, were unable to get back into the game decisively even after a timeout and tactical adjustments and are now hoping for an improvement in the upcoming game against Bietigheim.

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