Sixdays Bremen 1. Day 12.01.2024

Day 1 Sixdays Bremen Photos

Photos and pictures from the first day of the 57th Bremen Six-Day Race (Sixdays Bremen), a traditional cycling event taking place this year from 12 January to 15 January.

Highlights: On the first day of SIXDAYS BREMEN, Dutch world champions Yeori Havik and Jan-Willem van Schip lead the overall standings, followed by European champions Theo Reinhardt and Roger Kluge from Germany. In third place is a German-Belgian team. Havik and van Schip also won the 500 metre time trial in record time. Sports director Erik Weispfennig praised the high speed and the spectator appeal. Roger Kluge won the second derny race, while Nils Politt won the first. Robert Förstemann dominated the sprint, leading together with Alessa Catriona Pröbster. Another highlight was the performance by singer Vanessa Mai.

Here are photos and pictures of all the athletes and stars, celebrities from the first day, more in our picture database

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