Sixdays Bremen 2nd day 13.01.2024

Sixdays Bremen 2. Tag 13.01.2024 Fotos

Photos and pictures from the second day of the 57th Bremen Six Day Race (Sixdays Bremen), a traditional cycling event that takes place this year from 12 January to 15 January.
Highlights of the second day of the Sixdays Bremen: The Great Hunt took centre stage, with the young team of Philip Heijnen (Netherlands) and Matias Malberg (Denmark, Team Halle 7) initially leading. However, they were overtaken by the German-Belgian duo of Nils Politt and Lindsay de Vylder (Team Stark Gebäudereinigung), who took the lead with a solo lap win and caused quite a stir.

Alessa-Catriona Pröpster set a new track record for the Bremen lap with a time of 9.360 seconds. The team Denis Rugovac/Elmar Abma (Czech-Dutch, Team Plattner) also set a track record with 26.990 seconds in the 500 metre time trial. Dutch world champions Yeori Havik and Jan-Willem van Schip (Team Hermes) were in the lead after the second day. Dutch riders Collin Westbroek and Jan van Schaik were also in the lead in the U19 race for the Andy Kappes Cup.

Here are photos and pictures of all the athletes and stars, celebrities from the second day, more in our picture database

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