Sixdays Bremen 2024 4th day 15.01.2024

Sixdays Bremen 2024 4. Tag 15.01.2024 Photos

Photos and pictures from the fourth day (15 January 2024) of the 57th Bremen Six-Day Race (Sixdays Bremen), a traditional cycling event that took place this year from 12 January to 15 January.

Highlights of the event and our photos:
The Sixdays Bremen ended with a spectacular final day. Roger Kluge and Theo Reinhardt (Team swb) secured overall victory. It was Reinhardt’s second victory after 2018, while Kluge celebrated his first win in Bremen. The challengers Havik and van Schip (Team Hermes) lost crucial points due to a riding error by Havik in the 500-metre time trial, although they had previously set a new course record.

In the women’s race, European runners-up Franziska Brauße and Lin Teutenberg dominated the overall standings. Brauße was humorous and confident, while Teutenberg praised the atmosphere in Bremen. Lucy Nelson and Nora Tveit finished in second place, followed by Switzerland’s Mettraux and Schneider in third.

In the sprint competitions, Alessa-Catriona Pröpster and Robert Förstemann improved continuously. Pröpster set a new record of 9.120 seconds on the final day. Förstemann only just missed the record, but won all the heats.

Here are photos and pictures of all the athletes and stars, celebrities from the fourth day, more in our picture database

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