SGS Essen vs. VfL Wolfsburg 11th matchday Women’s Bundesliga 29/01/2024

SGS Essen vs. VfL Wolfsburg 11. Spieltag Frauen-Bundesliga 29.01.2024

Football: We were at the match SGS Essen vs VfL Wolfsburg 11th matchday of the Google Pixel Women’s Bundesliga season 2023/2024 on 29 January 2024 at Stadion an der Hafenstraße in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany / GER). The final score of the match was 1:3 in front of 3,842 spectators.

Highlights of the match between SGS Essen and VfL Wolfsburg and our photos

Despite Essen’s solid defence and a difficult pitch, Wolfsburg dominated the game but were initially unable to score. Chances from Huth and Popp went unused, and Lattwein and Wilms also failed to beat Essen goalkeeper Winkler. Despite fewer attacks from Essen, the first half remained goalless.

Wolfsburg continued to dominate after the break, but could only hit the outside of the net. Essen surprisingly took the lead through Ostermeier and Purtscheller. However, this setback only motivated Wolfsburg even more. They turned the game around within 14 minutes with goals from Endemann, Hegerin and Pajor. Despite Essen’s theoretical chances, Wolfsburg controlled the game to the end and not only secured victory, but also the autumn championship.

In our photo agency you will find photos of the game with SGS Essen vs VfL Wolfsburg match scenes, players and more

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